The Dead Do Walk Again

That title actually just reminded me of something a co-worker asked me the other day. I have no idea if you will find this as mildly amusing as I did, but this is my blog and I'll put whatever the heck I want to in it, thank you very much.

So, the question. If you were to find out the day before it happened that you were going to have to fight for your life against one of three types of killers, granted outrageous, who would you choose to bet your chances against:

-a host of vampires
-a sick-and-twisted serial killer from Saw, or
-a horde of zombies hungry for brains

My answer was vampires. And come to find out, a lot of people would choose vampires. A close second would be the zombies, and very few if any ever chose the serial killer.

This led to much discussion about why the most picked form of kill-or-die was the vampires and almost never the psycho killer. I think the key is that second to last word in the previous sentence- psycho. The serial killer is very real for most of us and thus an icon of a more likely death. The vampire is a romantic, morbidly beautiful, fantastic creature made popular by Bram Stoker and attractive by Anne Rice. I think most people would rather chance dieing ('cus we all have to sometime or other and if we are in a fifty fifty chance here) heroicaly or in some great tragic way but still with a sense of dignity and beauty. The vampire offers the Kiss and then imortality though it does have the price tag of eternal soul-less suffering. A far more romantic way to go (nearly painless) than to be tortured and then maimed and mutilated until you die in total agony. Uhhhm...I think I made my point. Unless you are one of those sick bastards who fantasizes about that stuff, in which case I suggest you go find your psychologist and have him stick you somewhere far away from all of humanity.

Back to our second choice of zombies, I think these guys deserve a medal or something for perseverance. I mean, they go and go until they satisfy their hunger for brains and then start the whole cycle all over again. There's focus for you. But, again, few want to die knowing their brains were gonna leave them in a less than clean or surgical procedure. Thinking about it more and more I have come to think that the vampire had a bit of lead over the other two and now think that maybe this question should be tossed and never asked again. 'Cus who wants to offend the opposing choices? Let's be as fair as we can people.

If you got this far, congrats. You have just wasted good time that you could have been looking at great art over at www.deviantart.com and enjoying something far more profitable than this mess of words. Most of this you really need to have taken Psyc 101 to appreciate. Or maybe it's just me. Yeah, it is just me.

So that was not the reason I put that title, but it worked out okay 'cus all I was gonna put was "Hey, I'm back and posting" or something similar. Now, I'm pretty sure the only person who might read this is Em or Doug so you better appreciate the meaningless ramble and if you got all the way down here, you must either love me find me mildly amusing both of which I am grateful for.

Now, off to the gym.

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