Wicked Again

This is a blog I posted on Myspace close to a year ago. The song has been on my mind and it was awesome to read just how I felt about it at that time. It was an amazing feeling. So I repost it here for you to mull over.

17 Jul 2006

Defying Gravity

Current mood: Empowered

True to my horoscope today, I am taking my thoughts to the paper (so to speak) in an effort to express myself. On today's top list for self expression are my thoughts on my favorite Broadway musical Wicked and specifically the song Defying Gravity.

Wicked the musical is based on the book by the same name written by Gregory Maguire. It is a story of the witches of Oz in the time before Dorothy's crash landing on the Wicked Witch of the East's head and the start of the popular book we all know. It is a story of how two girls from different ends of the spectrum become the best of friends and live their lives amidst the political and religious unrest that permeates the culture in Oz after the Wizard comes to power. Its really a touching story about how one person, Elphaba, goes against the accepted norm to defend what she believes is right and the difficult and hard life she endures as a result. Despite all obstacles, she rises above the mundane and changes the lives of those around her by her influence and, despite her death in the end, her ideas are carried on beyond her watery end. Glinda's perspective in the story is also a very powerful one as she battles between being popular and doing what she feels may be right as she watches Elphie take on the Wizard and his corrupt ideas in a pursuit of revenge for the oppressed people under his rule. It is a story of a hero, political fiends and religious zealots, a battle between corruption and freedom, love and hate, everything that makes a good classic. Its an account of what is evil and what is good and how what we think about someone or something does change our beliefs.

The song Defying Gravity is my anthem because of the ideas presented in it. It comes into the scene where Elphie is being hunted by the Wizard and his guards and, in attempting to escape, enchants her broom and offers to take Glinda with her where, together, they can fight side by side. Glinda has to make a choice between what she believes is right and her best friends offer and what her heart tells here to do. Glinda tries to talk Elphie into not leaving by reminding her of the place and power that the Wizard is offering. Elphie refuses saying that she can't want it and something inside her is different. She is through with playing by someone else's game and now it is time to defy what are the accepted limits, limits there only because someone says they're so. She says goodbye, telling her one last time that they could bring all they'd ever dreamed of to reality if she comes with her. Glinda stays, the guards attack, and Elphie flies into the sky, escaping. She sends a message to all those people who try to ground her saying that nobody in all of Oz, no Wizard that is or was, will ever bring her down. The message in the song is one of leaping off the cliff of the Accepted into the void of the Unknown, believing that you will soar above the Limitations imposed by people to the Freedom of the sky beyond. In order to rise above all, Elphie must defy gravity, finally escaping the power of the Wizard, the oppressor and enemy of a free Oz. Unlimited. Free. She shuts her eyes, leaps, and flies. No more letting other people think for you, believe you can fly, and do it! This song is a challenge to defy the norm, do what cant be done, leave caution behind and pursue those things you dont understand. To throw yourself on faith alone into freedom from the limited mindset of the gounded, small minded people who control our lives.

I'm truly inspired by that. It represents my thinking and take on everything that has happened to me in the past and how I view life now, how Im pursuing it, and how I perceive what it throws at me. I am leaping into tomorrow, chasing ideas that are impossible, riding on faith alone. Im defying the norm, refusing to believe that we are limited to what we know and can't attain something higher, better, powerful, fulfilling and full of purpose. I refuse to take what someone says as truth and leave it unchallenged. There is so much more out there, and Im not sitting around anymore. Im going. Im gone. "Something has changed within me. Something is not the same. I'm through with playing by the rules of someone else's game. Too late for second guessing, too late to go back to sleep. Its time to trust my instincts, close my eyes, and leap!"

Its down the rabbit hole for me.


Denver...Now what

I moved. Yup. Went through with it and all. And I feel my blog is a bit boring. Gotta figure out how to add some serious spice to it. I dunno. Maybe some pictures of hot local guys? Yeah just for the hell of it. And a tip from a blogging expert- add links. To everything. So, with all the added bonuses Denver offers, maybe I should add a bit of that to the list. And I've no idea where to go looking for blogs with similar interests, but we'll make that a goal here soon. This was a totally random entry by a very bored person. We'll make it all make sense soon.

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