Doing the Math = I'm Screwed

Allright. So I was sitting with some friends the other night and just doing some basic math in my head when I happened on this startling revelation of doom. It wasn't good.

The population of the United States is 305,888,000 as of 2008. Now my dating pool is within the six to ten percent statistically proven to be made up of gays and lesbians. Assuming we work with the generous amount of 10% we are now down to a pool of 30,588,800 people. Still good numbers, right? Well then you have to factor in that roughly half of that number are lesbians. I can't date lesbians. So now we are down to 15,299,400. They keep going down.

Keeping it simple, we decide to half it again to weed out those gay guys that are flamboyant or "queens." No offense meant, they just aren't my type and probably never will be. Now we have 7,647,200 masculine gay guys that would fall under my radar and would be dating material.

Now obviously, there are going to be some hazards one will have to watch out for in this shrinking pool. STD's are but one. Guys still in the closet are yet another. I could get detailed, but I don't have the time. Roughly half again if we are generous. Saying that we just lumped these all together, we would have another half taken away. Our number is now down to 3,823,600. Still looks like a big number?

Disease and identity issues aside, there is the problem of compatability. I'm obviously not going to get along with every guy in the above pool. There are 12 zodiac signs for a reason. Twelve major personality groups and not all of them work well together. We'll half it again in keeping with the trend. Total is 1,911,300. Gloomy.

Let's put it into perspective. With these numbers, our ratio ends up being that for every 120 people out there that I may meet, bump into, converse with, or pass on the street only one of them will be gay, available, and compatible. Like finding a needle in a haystack.

Doom and gloom seem to be in the forcast for today.



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Seven Things I Love

Yay! I got tagged! My Adopted Mom, AM for short, tagged me in this entry of hers. So here it is.
Seven Things I Love

1. Family, or Framily. One cannot make it through life without someone to call family. I have been lucky enough to have been raised by a very loving family who, though they don't talk to me much at the moment, definitely love me and care about what happens to me. I also have my adopted family who have been the best thing for me in the last three years. And lastly, there is "framily" or friends who become like family to us and stick with us no matter where life takes us. I thankfully have picked up a few more additions I consider "framily" from all the different places I have been.

2. The Earth. We needed to find a grounding point from day to day when life decides to go nuts on us and the Earth is always there for us to give us that stability. The huge abundance of Mother Earth and her instinctual care for the beings that co-exist on her surface are things we all can be thankful for. A solid footing is worth so much. That thankfulness should inspire us to care for the one who gave us life.

3. Music. With so many different ways of expressing yourself through music we are able to communicate with those around us in one more creative, wonderful way that is limited only by our imagination, or lack of it. Lol. Music can be tacked onto so many of our individual experiences and offers ways of recalling specific moments in time bringing with them those emotions that fuel life.

4. Art. Another form of expression that lets us communicate how we view the world around us, what emotions and feelings arise from our daily interactions, and what hopes and fears we hide inside.

5. Sex. You knew this one was coming! Where would we be without that crazy rise in body temperature, the sweat beading on our skin, the rush of adrenaline that comes when we get ready to screw like crazy with another person! Sex is one of those pleasures that makes life spicy and fun. For some it's something they can't get enough of, and for others it is an activity they crave on a somewhat regular basis. Sex makes the world go 'round! It lets you know you're alive! Some of us "outgrow" it as we get older and some of us never really get over it. It is a freakin' awesome part of our genetic makeup.

6. Pizza and Beer. A match made in heaven. Kudos to whatever crazy Italian genius came up with the pizza pie. And we have a long history of people fermenting crap and loving the hell out of it, I think we have scored finally with the invention of beer. You can have it any way you like, but I'm partial to a nice cold one in a big frosty mug next to an extra large pepperoni, mushroom, extra cheesy pan pizza.

7. The Holidays. I'm probably just including this one because we are right in the middle of the holiday season, but I love this time of year. Excuses abound to get together with friends and family. The ridiculous, much-frowned upon consumerism kicks in and results in the maddening shopping frenzy (which I love for some reason) and dressed up shops. Usually you can find snow, falling leaves, or fireworks and "Aulde Lang Syne" happening somewhere. It's a worldwide good time.

And that wraps it up. There is hordes more that I am thankful for, but these usually top the list. Hopefully you enjoyed that little peek into my crazy messed up head. Cheers.

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