Doing the Math = I'm Screwed

Allright. So I was sitting with some friends the other night and just doing some basic math in my head when I happened on this startling revelation of doom. It wasn't good.

The population of the United States is 305,888,000 as of 2008. Now my dating pool is within the six to ten percent statistically proven to be made up of gays and lesbians. Assuming we work with the generous amount of 10% we are now down to a pool of 30,588,800 people. Still good numbers, right? Well then you have to factor in that roughly half of that number are lesbians. I can't date lesbians. So now we are down to 15,299,400. They keep going down.

Keeping it simple, we decide to half it again to weed out those gay guys that are flamboyant or "queens." No offense meant, they just aren't my type and probably never will be. Now we have 7,647,200 masculine gay guys that would fall under my radar and would be dating material.

Now obviously, there are going to be some hazards one will have to watch out for in this shrinking pool. STD's are but one. Guys still in the closet are yet another. I could get detailed, but I don't have the time. Roughly half again if we are generous. Saying that we just lumped these all together, we would have another half taken away. Our number is now down to 3,823,600. Still looks like a big number?

Disease and identity issues aside, there is the problem of compatability. I'm obviously not going to get along with every guy in the above pool. There are 12 zodiac signs for a reason. Twelve major personality groups and not all of them work well together. We'll half it again in keeping with the trend. Total is 1,911,300. Gloomy.

Let's put it into perspective. With these numbers, our ratio ends up being that for every 120 people out there that I may meet, bump into, converse with, or pass on the street only one of them will be gay, available, and compatible. Like finding a needle in a haystack.

Doom and gloom seem to be in the forcast for today.


bev said...

It could be worse...you could be in Pennsylvania with Roz, working in the salt mines. So cheer up! You are out, you are open, you are loved. Could be much worse.

Strange said...

True true.

serenawelsh said...

Look on the bright side: You've already narrowed down your search tremendously. Could you imagine the daunting taks of having to date all 305,000,000 Americans to find Mr. Right?

Strange said...

Lol, there is a brighter side!

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