Looking over my email for the first time in two weeks I noticed one I received from the company that I do tarot reading for. Kasamba.com is a site that a friend introduced me to last year and one I didn't really get to heavily invest any of my time on, but did get a feel for and made a few friends and clients. For those of you with absolutely no clue what Kasamba (wtf, mate???) is, I'll share some of the knowledge with you.

Kasamba is, or was, a business devoted to live help through chat interfacing (if that's the right word) for a variety of subjects. Things like video game help, counseling, suicide prevention, home and garden tips, health, computer technical issues, etc.. In the Sprituality section you will find Tarot Readings, and if you explore that portion of the site you might just come across my page. Those of you who know me, you'll see my stunning face shining out at you through the pixels. For you who actually read this blog with no apparent reason for doing so, let me first say wow, what troopers you are, and second, why the hell do you keep coming back? Let me know, I'd love to keep doing whatever it is I'm doing. Back on track.

I say Kasamba was only because the letter I got this morning mentioned that they are now owned by LivePerson, and in checking out the new homepage I saw the new layout, which I love, and the newly designed setup for the menus. My page doesn't look any different, but hey, can't complain. I don't know the specifics as to why they are now under new ownership and I very much doubt that I'll actually put out any effort to figure it out either.

In an effort to not sound like someone who is shamelessly self promoting and thus sacrificing all interesting content for mulah (that's money, dipshit), I'm going to stop now with a nice little invitation to go check out LivePerson for yourself. I refuse to put a link to my page. If you really want to find me, tell me or go on a webhunt yourself and work at it a bit, sucka! I am so acting like a bad business man.


Back Again, Hopefully

Goddamn! It's been over a month since I posted on this bugger.

Thankfully, I have snapping new prospects on a temporary computer. It's going to be a much needed addition since I've no intention of fixing my old computer. No way. It would be a better use of money to just buy a new Mac Book Air and transfer my old stuff to the new hardware. So a friend of mine mentioned that she had a Vaio she needed to get rid of and was going to be selling to her neice were her neice not already the proud owner of a new computer. So she offered it to me. I'm hoping to get it up and running by next week (if I have the cash) and hopefully be blogging on a regular basis. It would be a nice change. I have a big need to get my own computer and start back on the routine of updating what few readers I have on my daily grind. Not that it's all that interesting, but it's fun for me.

So in the interest of posting something semi interesting, my job's going great, money is flowing, paying off my backrent from the time I didn't have a job, and still managing to have a life. It's fantastic. I've made so many good friends here recently that I'm having all kinds of trouble keeping up with all of them and all my old buddies from everywhere in the world. I finally made contact (think alien and you'll get my weird mood) with beings from my college days and keep hoping I'll get more in touch with them and their crazy lives as things get going.

My trip is still on for California in June, though the week has changed. I think I'll be going a week later and skipping the whole LA Pride thing in the interest of saving a bit more money for...shopping! I'm working on my tan, new profile pics to come, and starting to workout somewhat so I can get my body into beach readiness. There's always the possibility of starting a little summer romance, and why not while I'm out in Cali where the surfer's are plentious. Ashley and I are going to turn LA over with our fun and games.

In the world of knitting, which is why this blog was revived, I've started some new projects and picked up some old ones. My gloves I am redoing. the first was just not quite the way I wanted it, so I'm gonna try again. I've started an antler scarf which I will post pictures of when I get around to it. It's my first go at cables and they really are as easy as everyone told me they would be! I've also started with a group project and worked on some of that last night with my knitting group. We've got some new plans as far in advance as Christmas and are really ready to start whacking away at getting them going. There's a smattering of charity work, some just for fun stuff, and a few group learning projects that a few of the newer knitters are really excited about.

Looking back over this post it is obvious I'm a bit tired. My humor spiked earlier today and now it's on the dl (that's down low for you that don't come from my planet). Well, there was a weak attempt. I'm just gonna close out now. *singing Closing time, time for all the.....* Sigh.

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