Racing to Finish

So I told myself I would have a scarf for Halloween and I started one back in September. I finally got the yarn I needed to finish it, and I just haven't picked it up for more than a couple of minutes. Sigh. But, I am resolved to having it done by Halloween night, since I get the sneaky feeling it's gonna be cold like it always is for the night of the living dead. Too many ghosts out is the problem. Darn ghosts.

We had our first snow a week ago, and it's been quite pleasant since. No telling when the weather will drop kick us back into Old Man Winter's grubby fist. One must be prepared though, for anything. So I am going to finish my scarf by Halloween, the gloves (which have two more fingers done! yay) by the first week in November, and the hat to complement my scarf somewherer close to the other two. Quite an excellent goal setting agenda, eh? Yeah, go rag on your own UFO's, punk!

I shall post next on Halloween. Yes, Halloween! It may be my favorite holiday and the start of the new Celtic year, but I shall post my heart out to celebrate. See you all then.


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And He Emerges

Man, I suck! I haven't blogged in a while! How does this happen!? Either way, I have stuff to blog about, so maybe my problem is fixed... for now. Let's get to it.

October has lent itself to the more creative and imaginative side of muah, so I have picked up my drawing again and have set about to knitting up more projects with a cup of hot chocolate and a friend available close by. There is nothing quite able to compare to the utter perfection of a fire, hot chocolate, a book, music, knitting, a friend, a cloudy, cold sky outside a frosty, overly fogged window all viewed from a position of legs draped over the sides of a big overstuffed chair and a mellow buzz in the nogin. Well, that was too descriptive. Pardon the word explosion. It just sits there in my head making so happy I have to slap you all with a visualization. It is similar in perfection like my most commonly expressed combo of chocolate, coffee, and ciggarettes all enjoyed while sitting on a hill overlooking the sunrise-drenched city of Denver all swimming with early morning fog. Utter peacefulness. And it helps when a very large raven glides by to perch on a bench and give you most excellent magickal company. Yes, that actually happened to me. Mmmmmm...
But I didn't take that picture. I'm an idiot that doesn't carry my camera everywhere with me. Doi.

But another blog, another time, and I'll write more on that topic. This entry is to show off the progress I have on my right hand glove. It's got a little improvising (I do it shamelessly) and a lot of frustration wrapped up in that cuff, but now it's just a happy little whirl of fun yar that is taking on its own personality and look. I'm especially impressed with the cammo flair on the back.

But yeah, thats pretty much it for now. Pray that the next time I write is not tied up with the arrival of egg nog, that Ultimately Fabulous Heaven-In-A-Cup Drink of The Gods. If so, someone slap me.

Wait until I put my egg nog down.



A Shift and The Witches' Ball

Merkwurdig- strange, curious
German (pronounced mehrk-voor-digk)

The Autumnal holiday season is here, everybody.

The trees have mostly shifted to their Fall attire and the nights have gotten most pleasantly cold. I find it easier to imagine the dances the fauns perform for the moon in the countryside around me as I sit contemplating some magickal endeavour by candlelight. The Moon pops up over the horizon full and bursting with harvesty energy and the Farmer's Market sends out the tempting smells of roasted peppers and ripe apples in the god-awful early morning hours. Lol. It's time to pull out the ever fabulous and fashionable scarves you have knitted up in the previous months and go for a stroll over the carpets of oranges and reds outside your door. And pack along a hat with that too. Pointed or no, Halloween is less than a month away! Gotta get ready.

With the seasonal shift comes the onslaught of colds typical of the cold months. Due to stress in need of a good boot out of my system, I've had a couple of near bouts with sickness usually accompanied by massive headaches and a desire to rip my guts out. Today being one of them. Anybody comes up with a miracle cure or an Elixir of Life, tell me, ay? Uuuuugh.

We had our first Knitting Group night of the month Monday with our usual faithfuls and a few oldies. Quite a few people ended up coming and there are more to come here soon. I managed to wrangle a few out of the Mystery Book Club with Valerie's help. Lol. Actually, she did most of the wrangling, I just showed up and used my manly charm to rope the ladies in. LOL. Yes, I'm full of myself, but only when I want to be. Anyway, here are some of the pictures from the night. It was one of our best.

Let's get the fashion show going! Bernadette finished her fluffy white scarf, her first, and put on a small one-chair fashion show for us. Hott!

Some of the girls did some hand spinning...

Some worked on projects for others...

A couple took it easy...

And some modeled their goods. Minds out of the gutter!! Now!

We also got visited by my sista! Well, my adopted sister, but who cares, really? Anna is in the midst of a crochet project. 'T will look tre fab when finished.

Up and coming so very soon is the Witches' Ball. A night of dancing, magick, celebration, and costumes galore! All the details for the ball can be found here. I plan on attending this year, my first, with the lovely Anna. (Details for a costume are developing in my head as we speak) There will be vendors, belly dancers, costume contests, tarot readings, the works! Everyone is invited. All the details you need to know up front are as follows:

When- Saturday, October 27th, 2007, from 7 pm until midnight
Where- Highlands Masonic Center, 3550 Federal Boulevard Denver, CO (at 35th and Federal - West Entrance)
Tickets- Adults $13, Couples $25, Children 6 to 12 $6, Children under 6 are free.

Wear your finest costumery!
(costumes optional)

Presented by Living Goddess LLC

Tickets can be gathered at the local metaphysical stores in Denver. A full list is given on LG's page.

And keep a watch out for the witches!
I hear they are out and about above us!

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