And He Emerges

Man, I suck! I haven't blogged in a while! How does this happen!? Either way, I have stuff to blog about, so maybe my problem is fixed... for now. Let's get to it.

October has lent itself to the more creative and imaginative side of muah, so I have picked up my drawing again and have set about to knitting up more projects with a cup of hot chocolate and a friend available close by. There is nothing quite able to compare to the utter perfection of a fire, hot chocolate, a book, music, knitting, a friend, a cloudy, cold sky outside a frosty, overly fogged window all viewed from a position of legs draped over the sides of a big overstuffed chair and a mellow buzz in the nogin. Well, that was too descriptive. Pardon the word explosion. It just sits there in my head making so happy I have to slap you all with a visualization. It is similar in perfection like my most commonly expressed combo of chocolate, coffee, and ciggarettes all enjoyed while sitting on a hill overlooking the sunrise-drenched city of Denver all swimming with early morning fog. Utter peacefulness. And it helps when a very large raven glides by to perch on a bench and give you most excellent magickal company. Yes, that actually happened to me. Mmmmmm...
But I didn't take that picture. I'm an idiot that doesn't carry my camera everywhere with me. Doi.

But another blog, another time, and I'll write more on that topic. This entry is to show off the progress I have on my right hand glove. It's got a little improvising (I do it shamelessly) and a lot of frustration wrapped up in that cuff, but now it's just a happy little whirl of fun yar that is taking on its own personality and look. I'm especially impressed with the cammo flair on the back.

But yeah, thats pretty much it for now. Pray that the next time I write is not tied up with the arrival of egg nog, that Ultimately Fabulous Heaven-In-A-Cup Drink of The Gods. If so, someone slap me.

Wait until I put my egg nog down.


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bev said...

Sean; Your knitting skills amaze me. And you just learned!!!! Keep it up and get busy blogging so I can see what you are up to.

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