Racing to Finish

So I told myself I would have a scarf for Halloween and I started one back in September. I finally got the yarn I needed to finish it, and I just haven't picked it up for more than a couple of minutes. Sigh. But, I am resolved to having it done by Halloween night, since I get the sneaky feeling it's gonna be cold like it always is for the night of the living dead. Too many ghosts out is the problem. Darn ghosts.

We had our first snow a week ago, and it's been quite pleasant since. No telling when the weather will drop kick us back into Old Man Winter's grubby fist. One must be prepared though, for anything. So I am going to finish my scarf by Halloween, the gloves (which have two more fingers done! yay) by the first week in November, and the hat to complement my scarf somewherer close to the other two. Quite an excellent goal setting agenda, eh? Yeah, go rag on your own UFO's, punk!

I shall post next on Halloween. Yes, Halloween! It may be my favorite holiday and the start of the new Celtic year, but I shall post my heart out to celebrate. See you all then.

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