Wishing, It's What's for Dinner

Okay, maybe it has nothing to do with dinner. But it's good, no denying that. In a weird headspace, totally over caffeinated, and after having just talked to a friend about their money troubles I found myself in an emotional spot. I felt love and wanted to share it. The first thing that came to mind was that I wished I had the money and financial stability to be able to help out my friends in tough financial situations right now. To be able to give without expecting anything in return, to be able to invest in the security and happiness of the people I love or care for.

Now as wonderful as this sounds I also understand that my desire to do this is not completely unselfish. Yes, it would make me feel good. I would feel good about myself and, if allowed to run unchecked, could drive my ego to a very bad place. But I've never (I think) had trouble with ego-invested giving. I've always just given without a second thought. This has gotten me into trouble, true, but it is one of the ways I show love and I've never regretted having given and loved in that way. I'd like to continue to do that minus the financial trouble.

So, in true Disney fashion it would seem, I wished on a star. Now this is not the shallow "starlight, star bright" crap from Pinochio, though there are bigger meanings to all of that story if you go deeper. I took it to a more magickal level.

Today being Friday means that it is Freya's day, the day of Love, Venus' day. It also happens to be a day drenched in the power of a partial lunar eclipse. Mercury just left retrograde. And this bad witch doesn't have a clue what the moon's doing, but I believe she's gone dark, good for beginnings, birthing new ideas, creation. So my petition/wish to the beautiful Morning Star, Lady of Love, was one of assistance in realizing my wish. To channel love and alchemically transform it into prosperity to then give back to those who've shown me love. Freya is pretty good with such things, and partnered with the great Jupiter and his amazing expansive power right now has put some amazing currents out there.

So I've wished upon a star. And it was good. And now the caffeine has other plans.



I'm now a yarn spinning crazy person! I got this drop spindle from my friend Slithershimmy and am utterly hooked. The roving she gave me is a really cool hunter green and spins nicely. Had to let all my blog peeps know, well, 'cus most of you are yarn whores.

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