Getting Political off the Brain

I don't get into politics in general as they usually just make me so agitated, but this piece was dropped in my lap and hit so close with me I had to put it out there. I promise you won't hear anymore until ranting fever hits again. For my sake you won't here anymore for a while. lol


The Nobodies!

So I've decided to profile that devious little group self-dubbed "The Nobodies" so you all can get a feel for how dangerous these lovely ladies are! I'm assuming I have included everyone below, but I might have missed someone. The Nobodies are the regulars that are consistenly at Barnes knitting up a storm. Who knows, maybe they will form their own faction and rise up to take over the knitting world! Horrors be upon us!!!

Bernadette - Speaks her mind without regret! Killer knitting needles!

Val - Cracks nuts faster than you can blink. All men beware!

Jan - Quick wit and a gentle persona. We have yet to uncover this beauty's dastardly plan...

Kim - A mother and master of all she sets her mind to! Nothing gets by this one!

Keep your eyes peeled and running shoes ready. They meet for secret conclaves weekly and have infiltrated the local Barnes and Noble. They are not to be trusted!
This will most likely be the last transmission of confidential information I ever pass on so...


I don't know what it is about having a camera and blogging, but I don't seem to be as motivated to do the latter unless I have pictures to show you all. I started a scarf for Val, red with black eye lash, for Christmas because she didn't think she could finish it in time. It's coming along beautifully. It's a simple seed stitch done on 17's with a double strand feed. That'd be the red and black yarn, that double feed there. lol

Other than that, I am still working on my argyle scarf in black and green that I, again, still do not have pictures of. It's slow in coming but looks so amazing. Not as forgiving for mistakes though. I had to rip out two rows to redo the third row because I messed the purling and stitching sequence up. Looked like crap!

In other news, we have had quite a bit of snow in the last week and the landscape is amazing. We may have snow for Christmas! Forget the fact that I won't be sticking with my original plans (job hunting, grrrr) and will be pushing back my trip up to Cheyenne, and this year might actually be better than last year. I keep searching for the mystical Christmas cheer that seems to be a bit more elusive this year. Ah, tumultuous life. Now before I get dramatic...

The knitting group is continuing splendidly! We have new peeps and have now hit a high of 9 regulars. Well, that's if you count that bitchy little group The Nobodies who won't let it drop that I mentioned that "nobody had come to knitting group" while putting it in the contexed that we were the somebodies and I was speaking from a group perspective. Sigh, women. I'm probably shooting myself in the foot with that since all my known readers are women, but that's the beautiful thing about daringly going where women assume no man would ever go. Haaaaa! I have balls! Lol

We had a party at Val's house last week that, oddly enough, turned into a knitting group party since our other friends never showed. It was a simple party, just a bunch of nuts hanging around in the same bowl for the evening. We potlucked and then sat around chatting on into the evening. Like most hardcore knitters, we pulled out the knitting that everyone inevitably has on hand and continued our coffee and cookies in the living room. Below is a montage of our candidly snapped pictures. Lookin' forward to the next ho-down!

I'll just quit now while I'm ahead.


Bustin' in a Movie Groove!

The Golden Compass is out in a week! Here is one fan that cannot wait! I was in such a nerdy mood I went and found out who was chosen as my daemon in the parallel universe of the Golden Compass. Her name is Athenestia. You can see her personal webspace here.

I include her portrait link here so you all can take a quick click and help decide which form she will take on permanently. Right now, she is a biased form of how I view myself and cannot take mature form until she understands how the rest of the world views me. So play along with my little fantasy and give a quick looksee at the survey and we'll see what she turns into.

Athenestia's Page

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