The Nobodies!

So I've decided to profile that devious little group self-dubbed "The Nobodies" so you all can get a feel for how dangerous these lovely ladies are! I'm assuming I have included everyone below, but I might have missed someone. The Nobodies are the regulars that are consistenly at Barnes knitting up a storm. Who knows, maybe they will form their own faction and rise up to take over the knitting world! Horrors be upon us!!!

Bernadette - Speaks her mind without regret! Killer knitting needles!

Val - Cracks nuts faster than you can blink. All men beware!

Jan - Quick wit and a gentle persona. We have yet to uncover this beauty's dastardly plan...

Kim - A mother and master of all she sets her mind to! Nothing gets by this one!

Keep your eyes peeled and running shoes ready. They meet for secret conclaves weekly and have infiltrated the local Barnes and Noble. They are not to be trusted!
This will most likely be the last transmission of confidential information I ever pass on so...


PsychicKnitter said...

SELF DUBBED????? I believe that the term "nobodies" was give to us by the CLUELESS Mr. Strange! It's a good thing you posess that Gemini charm otherwise the cashews would be in serious jepordy Mr.

Strange said...

No, you guys ran with an innocent comment and turned it into your battle flag. Oddly enough, it's worked out to be a great name for your little club. lol

You guys so ask for it!


PsychicKnitter said...

I have a design in mind for the battle flag. perhaps you could knit it up for us ad we could fly it at our next meeting. Quite simple actually, I was thinking, pole, stick figure,and strangely a name......

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