I love spring. All the flowering trees have made this one really good. I took this picture today. Damn snow killed off a lot of the blossoms on the other trees. Lazy day.

I really need to do some updating and blog management. I think my webrings have kicked me out for not posting enough. Lol And I've got new websites and such to put in the sidebar. And the whole look needs a serious overhaul.

Going to knitting tonight. Met with the managers at Barnes and they let us know we are way too big for the store. Twenty people might not seem like much, but their limit is ten. So we've double banged them there. We have to figure out something new or we might just anger the great and powerful Barnes and Noble gods. So now we've got to figure out where to go or what to do about the size. Sigh. Sometimes managing a group can be stressful.

I'm all booked for my trip to Cheyenne for "Adopted" Brother's graduation. I'm taking a whole two days off and getting a four day weekend out of it. Very nice. So I'll be gone on the 16th. Not that it will make much of a difference to you guys since I never blog anyways, but. You get me.

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