Banned Zen Sayings

Found this tonight in an old box of tarot cards. These were bits of wisdom I found and held onto when I moved here to CO. They were promptly pulled from where I displayed them in my room while living with my grandparents and tossed into a trash bin. The paper still has the stains on it. Hanging onto this piece of paper has only refreshed old anger, so I'm burning it. However, the sayings on it are valuable to me and I think should be preserved.

- No matter what people say about you, know who you are. Their blame can't injure you, nor can their praise elevate you. You are what you are; nothing anyone can say can change that.

-Perfection isn't found in everything going right, but rather in accepting the beauty of what's happening moment to moment.

- The river flows, the mountain remains motionless. The river can't remain still, nor can the mountain flow. Is one right or wrong? Our dharma (duty) is to do what's ours to do, not to be like others.

- Become aware. It's a good practice to watch life as you would a movie. Be completely involved with it while it's happening, and then leave it behind when it's done. This is the way of detachment.


In Honour of the Male

I went to the woods to find my beloved,
My hair unbound,unbound my very being if not in love for him.
I went to the woods to find my beloved,
But my beloved was not there.
I called in the valley, but he did not answer,
I cried in our grove, but he did not come.
The mountain wolves found me, they hunted me for their prey.
The wolves chased me back to my home.

I charge you, oh brothers and sisters of my tribe,
If you find my beloved, tell him that I am heartsick and beaten.
What is thy beloved more than another beloved?
What is thy beloved more than another beloved that thou doest charge us?

Oh, my beloved is beautiful!
The raging stormy sea for his eyes,
Swimming with green Mother of Pearl,
Framed with thundercloud lashes,
Carrying in aside the threat of Winter's devastation the promise of Summer.
Dark chestnut bark for his hair,
Decked with crimson morning hue,
Bristled as the mighty boar's back,
Soft as the selkie's coat,
An Autumn forest in evening light,
The eclipsed moon rising.
His movement like the young stag,
Gliding and sliding through the forest,
Striding across the heath,
But gentle, oh so gentle, his touch,
Late summer's gossamer on my skin,
Holding fast as the roots of the might oak.
His presence a shining light,
The soft moon's glow on his skin.
Fragrant his embrace like Spring flowers.
His voice a calling bell resonating deep within me.
A seidh-spawn of an earthly norris,
Fairest among men.
This is my friend,
This is my beloved,
Oh brothers and sisters of my tribe.

- Daniel MacKenzie

To the best of my ability, I copied this from the Druidcast podcast to share in text form here. If you want to hear Daniel recite it, check out Episode 39 of the Druidcast podcast.


It's My Freaking Will To...

-Be god.
-Be strong.
-Be inspired.
-Know myself.
-Institute order.
-Be prosperous.
-Post crazy blogs.
-Be unconcerned.
-Have abundant joy.
-Be deserving of lust.
-Be abundantly happy.
-Be deserving of respect.
-Know uncommon things.
-Be surrounded by friends.
-Have more money than I need.
-Have the balls to say "Fuck you."
-Inspire others to empower themselves.
-Be unconcerned with the opinions of everyone else.
-Smile at things that nobody would smile at.
-Be deserving of great knowledge.
-Dance at the edge of all that is.
-Make shit up and laugh at it.
-Reinforce my own worth.
-Connect with the world.
-Keep my own counsel.
-Be deserving of love.
-Be mentally sound.
-Be wholly myself.
-Live in freedom.
-Speak honestly.
-Rule my world.
-Be powerful.
-Make chaos.
-Be fearless.

-Make all this and more happen through practice, discipline and clear thinking.

And thus ends my brain spillage for the evening.


Pens and Paper and Stories

There's a book where your story was written and and read, where your name was woven in with others and loved, where simple embelishment was commonplace. But on a morning wind, cold and angry, the fate that was written was shattered by your hand and the love that wove itself in and around your name recoiled at the action. It was after that you saw that it was not freely given and a fight against a destiny meant a rewrite of the script. Now your name is no longer written, and the ties that were are discarded in haste. As time moves forward, the hand moves backwards and your name becomes an ink spot or coffee stain. From time to time, other pens touch the page with your name but it never goes further than a sentence or two. Lost in jumble of a history of a different course, your only option is to open another book, white pages pure and untouched, and begin to carefully give the name a new home. Only after starting a line or two do you realize that there are smudges on your page. And as you look at the ink, dark and different, swirling in the patterns of your own handprint, you feel a bittersweet comfort knowing that a bit of the book that spawned your name has found its way into a new history. Maybe in time the stains on your hand will fade and each day will start truly fresh and free.


Wishing, It's What's for Dinner

Okay, maybe it has nothing to do with dinner. But it's good, no denying that. In a weird headspace, totally over caffeinated, and after having just talked to a friend about their money troubles I found myself in an emotional spot. I felt love and wanted to share it. The first thing that came to mind was that I wished I had the money and financial stability to be able to help out my friends in tough financial situations right now. To be able to give without expecting anything in return, to be able to invest in the security and happiness of the people I love or care for.

Now as wonderful as this sounds I also understand that my desire to do this is not completely unselfish. Yes, it would make me feel good. I would feel good about myself and, if allowed to run unchecked, could drive my ego to a very bad place. But I've never (I think) had trouble with ego-invested giving. I've always just given without a second thought. This has gotten me into trouble, true, but it is one of the ways I show love and I've never regretted having given and loved in that way. I'd like to continue to do that minus the financial trouble.

So, in true Disney fashion it would seem, I wished on a star. Now this is not the shallow "starlight, star bright" crap from Pinochio, though there are bigger meanings to all of that story if you go deeper. I took it to a more magickal level.

Today being Friday means that it is Freya's day, the day of Love, Venus' day. It also happens to be a day drenched in the power of a partial lunar eclipse. Mercury just left retrograde. And this bad witch doesn't have a clue what the moon's doing, but I believe she's gone dark, good for beginnings, birthing new ideas, creation. So my petition/wish to the beautiful Morning Star, Lady of Love, was one of assistance in realizing my wish. To channel love and alchemically transform it into prosperity to then give back to those who've shown me love. Freya is pretty good with such things, and partnered with the great Jupiter and his amazing expansive power right now has put some amazing currents out there.

So I've wished upon a star. And it was good. And now the caffeine has other plans.



I'm now a yarn spinning crazy person! I got this drop spindle from my friend Slithershimmy and am utterly hooked. The roving she gave me is a really cool hunter green and spins nicely. Had to let all my blog peeps know, well, 'cus most of you are yarn whores.

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