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You are from Mercury!

20% Mercury

You, my friend, are a Mercurian!

Mercury is the planet that is closest to the sun. It is the smallest planet in our solar system and it does not have rings. Because it is so close to the sun and it’s small size it’s not easy to get a view from the planet from Earth without a telescope. What’s funny is that as close as the planet is to the sun there is still ice on the planet. The craters on the planet never see the light of the sun.

Mercury is named after the Roman god known as the “Messenger.” Evidently he was busy flitting around with wings on his heels going around and talking to everyone. It was said that he could bring abundance and success, so evidently he was a guy worth listening to.

What does this mean about you?

Well, Mercurians are a very independent type. They are set in their ways and very cool. There isn’t much that can change your mind. Some people may think you are a bit egotistical, but you were born charming and are an effective communicator. You know how to react to things calmly and express yourself well. More than likely you have a very good sense for business.

You like sex and you have a very strong stamina. Because you are so cool, though, your partner may think you don’t care about them, but you do. You just don’t like getting all gushy. You can enjoy many loves in your life. You are probably also one that isn’t suited for just staying home and taking care of the hearth. You just aren’t set up for the usual marriage thing. It doesn’t give you enough freedom.

So, be free Mercurian! Not that you’ll do what I say anyway!

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