Winter Kiss

It's very quiet outside right now.

The snow fell tonight all quiet and soft, covering the last few leaves that have fallen in the last week. I stepped outside to enjoy the peacefulness and feel the calm night air. Bit crisp, but that is what you would call the kiss of the Snow Queen. Icy and bright, it stirs up the sensation of being really alive, aware of your surroundings and open to the calming message of the nighttime.

I'll sleep well tonight. Tomorrow the mantle of pure whiteness will probably melt away back into the green carpet of grass that is still hanging on in spite of it being the middle of November. There is something so very magical about waking up to a white world with a cup of hot chocolate in hand and some quiet classical music playing beside the fireplace.

Enjoy it while you can. That fragile, crystaline creation is fleeting as a dream.

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