Bird Busta Move

Ha ha! I just got a mini performance from a red-headed House Finch as I sat sipping coffee and smoking. It was cool! 

I had just relaxed and was enjoying all the birds chirping in the neighborhood in the "early morning" light. Lol, early morning. Despite all my moving around a very sociable guy dropped down right in front of me and gave a few inquisitorial tweets. After saying hello and giving him the go for it mental telepathy thing I always do and that never works he busted out with a bird rhyme. It was pretty. While I'm not inclined to take a Snow White approach to this kind of thing, I have to admit I did enjoy it. When nature gets right up in your face, you had better enjoy it. 

And that was the extent of it. No encore, but that's okay. I'm hoping the local humming bird will stop by next and get a little friendly with me. 


bev said...

What a great visit! There is a goldfinch that sits on a branch of one of our maples that does the same thing. He sings and sings and sings until I want to throw a rock at him to shut him up. But, being the nature lover that I am, it is only the thought of throwing the rock. That, and I can't throw worth shit.

Strange said...

Ha ha! That's funny. We've got squirrels that pull the same reaction out of me. Stupid shits, they just need to not be so annoying. I'm hoping I get some pictures of some of the birds. I'm not a bird lover but I do enjoy the sitting outside in nature experience and they are part of that.

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