I've been mulling over identity and uniqueness today. I find each person's unique qualities to be fascinating and a large part of what attracts me to them. I find most, if not all, of my friends possess something like this. I'm guessing that people who don't have these "uniquenesses" probably don't wind up jiving with me and may not end up developing into more than an acquaintance. It's definitely something I can pick out in each one of them. They are as unique and different in their individual styles, likes and dislikes, moods and quirks.

What is getting me is how not like this I feel. I can pin down someone's "signature" on the world around them but not my own. It's probably just me being over analytically, but I look at myself and see copycatting. I see little bits of everyone else out there as the sum total of who I am. None of it seems like it's a spawn of my own individuality. Granted, most of my experiences are my own or are a reinterpretation of a shared experience with someone else. But outside of that, what makes me standout sharply against the background?

This question will be around for a while, I'm thinking. I am on a quest to figure out what makes me unique and develop it. I'm tired of blending in with the background. Not sure why that is the way it is, but awareness can only act on it or let it be. There is no going back and changing the past. Who'd really want to? It would rob me of this process of self development.

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