Harry and The Knitting Engagement

Okay, corny title, I know. But they serve a purpose. A purpose in the master plan brewing in the great mind of Shawn! It's great, but not complicated. I have a Midnight Magic Party to go to this weekend and I'm going as a regular wizarding... wizard. I figure a nice English-looking outfit should fit the bill along with a hand crafted wand that still isn't quite what I want it to be. Yet. To top it all off, I am going to be adding a Gryfindor house scarf (yes, my house! ha ha!) that I knitted! This sucker is gonna take me all the way to the last minute to finish, but only because I'm a sorta perfectionist and I ripped it out four times. First one was to fix the initial size which was actually pretty close to what I have now (dumb, dumb me!), the second, to fix a couple major problems and third and fourth, to change the pattern completely and make it a rib instead of a garter pattern. Looks hordes better! And I got the pattern right now, too. I'll be saving this sucker. I am being chased off the computer though, so I shall adjourn and fix this baby up with links and proper punctuation and grammer!


yer adopted mon said...

Okie Day - First, we need to get you a digital camera. Second, we need to get you up here so I can show you how to go to the frog pond but only dabble the toes in it rather than going in all the way. (rippin out the knittin) Third, how was the party?

Strange said...

Well, I have a camera (just found it actually *yaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!) I just can't upload to the library computer. That should be fixed soon since I decided to make an executive decision to get my 'puter fixed with the extra money I have this month. I figured I'll die of boredom before I get uncomfortable. *crossing fingers*

And yes, a trip to the home countryside is long overdue! I may have some extra jingle here in a few weeks that will pay for a bus ride to the windy north. Ha ha ha! Or maybe Amanda will feel like a roadtrip. Either way, I need to figure out how to fix my knitting since it seems to escape me no matter how many books I read.

And the party was craaaazy! It was the busiest one I've ever been to but still hordes of fun! I've got a blog I want to write on it, even. The costumes were some of the best I've seen (Rita Skeeter made several appearances), but the best one was Dobby. I'm waiting on pictures to post.

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