Clouds and Storms

I had to post a quickie with a picture of some amazing clouds that billowed in as a preview to the amazing storm we had yesterday. All the hot weather and low pressure systems we've had move through in the last week made for some really neat skies. Yesterday, late afternoon, we had a huge storm blow in complete with thunder and beautiful lightning. The grumbling clouds sounded like great mythic titans battling and cursing at each other over our heads. The lightning was often close enough to hear the crackling as it leaped from cloud to cloud. I was dumb enough to not have camera on me, but I don't think it would have helped much since it was mostly grey and monsoony. I don't think my camera would have lasted long in the rain. So I'm including a picture of the day before and the big massing clouds. Enjoy!

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yer adopted mon said...

Great Pic! We got pummeled as well. Washed out our new road! Also, sent you an email with some knitting pics! Enjoy and use at your own discretion.

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