Death and Rebirth All in the Planter

K, so I thought my little green growing plant friends had bitten the dust. All of this due to the fact that I put them out in sunlight WAY too early. Thankfully though, when everything looked grim and dead and dry, I noticed a few small roots in the bottom of the container and decided to try a last resort of soaking the dirt mass in its totality. Turns out, that was exactly what the little fuckers needed. So, I've lost three of the original sprouts, but the big long one in the center has revived and three new shoots have popped up. It's like an episode of ER- birth and death all in the same episode, only my story is more like birth and death in the same plastic planter. Sigh, drama of the little plant people. I should air a plant soap opera. I'm truly losing it now. Enjoy the pics!


bev said...

You are a Strange one. Your little plant needs a foster parent. Gonna send the Plant Social Workers in to inspect your home. Just you wait!

Strange said...

Ha ha! Apparently they like their new treatment. Just had to beat them into submission. I got another sprout today. Woot!

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