New Year (07)

Well, I'm back. Looks like I took the summer... and the first half of the school year, off too. Wow. I'm seriously terrible at journaling. Well, due to an article I read at gaylife.about.com, I have decided to make blogging part of my new year's resolutions. Or journaling. I blog once in a while on my myspace page, but not enough. I'll do my best to take more time writing down thoughts I've had during the day. This will hopefully keep my stress levels down (you know they say journaling does that... nifty) and my mind back in balance. I'm gonna need it.

I have just twenty-five minutes to finish this blog before I move into the second day of the new year. I would like to do my best to keep this blog-a-day thing legit starting with the first day of the year. Might seem kinda petty, but it isn't. Not to me anyway. In order to move this topic along, I'm going to talk about the article I found and the resolutions it mentioned and my own action towards resetting some of my life's goals and desires for the next year. I'm not 100% sold on resolutions, they never worked for me, but I've had some things brought to the surface and I want to address them now. So we start.

First on the list was Journaling/Blogging. You see my trend here. I'm thinking it's a good idea as I already explained and I'm moving forward with it. Go me.

Second was No More Drama. I can't agree more! I have a big desire to live drama free, or at least close to it and this year will be no exception. I have enough drama I don't want in my life with my parents, I don't need it from boyfriends or work associates.

Third, Help a Needy Heterosexual. Ha ha ha! I love this one. I end up doing this at one time or another and as it stands I have a buddy at work who, although he is fairly homophobic still, has started to let his guard down and has come to me for advice on different occasions. I'm so flattered, I won't lie. Granted, I do wish he'd view me on a similar level to him, but it's not the end of my world. I can't live my life wanting people to except me when people, by majority, don't typically do that. We're making progress though.

After that was Fight for Gay Rights. They have my support on that one, baby. I began to take notice recently of the civil rights issues that have plagued us for a while now. It's an area I'm not great in, but one I aim to be better at. I am an American and I have the right to vote. So from here on I am going to take a bigger part in my country's politics. Ha ha, go me again.

Get Tested, that one was the fifth. I can't say much in this area since I have never been with anyone and am not sexually active. However, soon as that dreary area of my life changes, I will be getting tested, if nothing else just to do it.

Because I have a desire to finish this without rushing, I'm going to cut it off halfway here. I'll continue with the rest tomorrow, even if it's just the next side of twelve. This seems like a poor way to end this, much like a cut-off, but I will dress it up with a...

To Be Continued...

(Aren't I cool)

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