Hat Started and Finished!

This took me only five hours. I started it numerous times, but I finally finished it last night and this morning. It's a superfine nylon/acrylic blend on US 7 needles. And yes, I can work in the round!

And here is a really dumb picture of me modeling it. Sigh. Why I do these things is unknown. By the way, the lip of the hat is rolled in this picture. Looks like a really small hat...


PsychicKnitter said...

Mr Strange, I am totally in awe over your speed and talent! As someone who is STILL working on that black and silver wrap one row at a time Hmm I THINK that's a duh since I've yet to see anyone knit 2 rows at a time but I digress. I have it with me here in San Diego but there has been no big rush as we have just now gotten out of the record breaking heat wave!!! YUCK. No shawls, wraps, sweaters required.

bev said...

Sean! You are doing so great!!! Keep up the good work and the pic is so very you btw!

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