New Look Brings New Confidence

Okay, so this will fall into the random life and craziness folder, but have you ever just gotten a huge boost of confidence because you changed something about yourself and it turned out to be immensely complementary to your image? For example, a new haircut, a tattoo, new clothes, a boob job, a new workout routine, a mani or pedi, new piercing... You see where I am going with this. Well readers (and adoring fangirls and fanboys), I have recently had two such confidence boosters. You will have noticed the painful lack of any author imagery on this blog and it is because said author has been so bored with his looks that he has merely decided to waive the author picture. Well, no more. As of today, you will notice a new addition to the sidebar and it sports a likeness of His Shmexiness, myself. Now I have revealed my scariness to the world. *Munsters organ music* Yay, confidence!

*-* WARNING *-*
Intense bouts of insanity brought on by muchhappiness evident below. Not for the faint of heart or easily bored. You have been warned. Now go on and read it like you intended to anyways.

I know a lot of my friends who have seen me in the last twenty-four hours will just roll their eyes at this post. It has been an intense few days of reveling in my new look and the afterblast is smoking out the crowd. But I am still reveling, so on I shall revel to all you who have the patience to listen.

I had started with the image adjustment process a few weeks ago when I went shopping with the ever adorable girlfriends of mine, Molly and Joanna, and I tried on a pair of sexy pants... get this... in a size smaller than what I have been wearing! Woo knitting! Why knitting you ask? Knitting has given me something to do with my time besides eating, and often encourages me to walk to my Barnes and knit there, requiring some form of physical excercise. Thus, a trimmer me. With this trimmerness has come a desire to reinvent myself a little. So, I needed a haircut and what did I do? I got one. Duh. I got a fauxhawk! And after the many stares and adoring fans at my favorite bar, JR's, I decided to go another step in the transformation process. Can't stand the suspense anymore? I got my ear pierced! Bam!

*-* Attention *-*

Insanity levels decreasing. You are now safe to take interest again. Wake up, dipwad.

You are now wondering "what the hell is the big deal?" There is a long story behind all of it, and you know I would love to go into detail about it, but I'm not gonna. Simply put, I got to do some things I've wanted to do for years but were never allowed. Now I am free to do what I will and every new exploration of that freedom gives me a boost. The new look has been excellent for my self confidence as people now tell me I look older. Crank in the points! Gone is the 18 year old highschooler look. Thank the gods! I've now graduated to the college kid block. Sigh, new wardrobe someday will help dispel that bracket and move me up a bit more.

*-* Yo *-*

You can go get some coffee.

I am done here. I think I'll move on to a quickie post about my new yarn and project. Yay!

*-* Warni-- *-*

Well, maybe not. Thought I saw the insanity level skyrocket for a sec. God, I need a new job...


PsychicKnitter said...
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PsychicKnitter said...

YAY! I can't see it all from the picture but from what I see you are looking sharp! I used to be famous for changing my hair styles figuring it will always grow back if I didn't like it. These days I am fussing with covering the gray. LOL. I will ignore the "I've lost weight" comment as one who could run the Boston Marathon a couple times a week and not lose an ounce. LOL LOL. The joys of being a middle age woman :)
PS The deleted comment was me I caught a typo AFTER I posted.

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