Burnout- Maybe?

I came across this great article while I was doing my daily checking of favorite sites and keeping up with various friends. Brought something to mind I hadn't given a lot of thought to. The article talked about burnout, granted, from a spiritual standpoint, but there were many things that translated over into a daily mundane existence. What got me was this explanation of what burnout is by the author, Cerridwen Iris Shea-

"A person who is "burned out" has used up all resources and often suffers from depression, anxiety, short temper, lethargy, mood swings, loss or increase of appetite, loss of interest in sex, and inability to interact well with others."

And oddly eough I have been complaining about a low sex drive, the fact I slept 'til 6pm the other day after going to bed at midnight the evening before, depression, depression hitting from nowhere, axiety issues, etc.. Now I'm thinking my body has been trying to tell me something for the last few months.

Question now is how do I avoid this? The author advises routine "timeouts" to recharge and repair our batteries. Perhaps I neglected that? Problem is I don't recall when it all started or if I took the necessary time to reboot. As body-conscious as I try to be, this issue has "shame on you" scrawled all over it. How did I stop picking up on the little signals my body has been feeding me?

This entry ends with a lot of questions. Hopefully I'll have answers soon.

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