The Fool Has An Offer

Cards for this entry are the Tower and the Fool. Why these two cards? They tended to show up in any reading I had done, either myself or from a fellow reader, before the events of last Thursday. Anyone versed in the tarot will be thinking by now "oh, god, here comes the drama." And they would be right. The Tower represents sudden change, usually in a big way. It can be in your favor or not so much. In my case, not so much.

I'm going to apologize in advance for the bitter overtone I'm sure will seep through into this entry.

The Tower reflected in my life translated to losing my job working for DISH Network. Not quite what I had assumed the Tower would mean. I was up to transfer to a new shift in my department and took the card to mean that I would get that change I was looking for. It turns out that DISH needed to get rid of a few, and yes, I'm exaggerating, people in order to get things back down to where they were before the company over hired. So they fired everyone who making any kind of money in order to cut down on payout and still keep their staff. Friend of mine who'd been with the company for four years was terminated with no write ups, no consultations, and barely an explanation. There are a few good opportunities here for some legal action benefiting myself and the rest of the former employees that I plan on researching fully and going through with if all looks good. In the meantime, I am sitting around praying to the gods for a massive crater to open up under that pile of crap and suck it all down to the Underworld. Sigh, one can dream. I'd take that or a meteor.

I haven't gotten to the Fool yet, so let's move on to that. This would be the plus side to this whole adventure. The Fool card represents new beginnings, stepping out into the unknown on faith, a certain naivete that comes with starting a new line of thought, etc.. As my outcome card in this reading, the Fool has decided to take me on a trip to new job experiences and a change up in my life. Take the devastation of the Tower, throw in a little energy from the Star, and start things over again. The Fool would council leaving everything behind and starting with a new frame of mind, but common sense advises me to take the offer of the Fool and temper it with past experience. So I am pursuing new jobs, holding onto friendships made in the last ten months, and trying to find the positive spin on this event.

I still want to create a black hole. You know what for. Uh huh.

With all this free time available to me now, be expecting posts on a more regular schedule.


PsychicKnitter said...

Interesting card, The Fool. It seems to fit so well.... I'll leave that comment to your imagination

Strange said...

Aaaaaaand.... you're a bitch!

bev said...

Sorry to hear about the job. That sucks! But, something will happen. It always does. Keep you eyes open and souls receptive, you may find great joy.

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