Thanksgiving in New York

I'm all "a-buzz" over my trip to NY ext week. I've chattered on and on to friends, even wrote an email to my mom, and now I'm going to blog it! Wheeee!

So the "family" lives in upstate New York in the village of Clinton. It's right outside of the combined cities of Rome and Utica and I believe in the same vicinity of New Hartford, NY. Looking at the pictures in such a rush. The village has a small, homey look to it and I can only imagine what it looks like in the winter. New England winter. Hmmmm. I really should have Bev describe it all to you. She does an excellent job. If you want her opinion of it go to her blog entry.

The Great 24hr Road Trip of the Year begins Saturday morning early early. There will be many pictures and a rolling slide show of each state we pass through and any major landmarks we may pass. And you will have to endure some crazy face shots as well. They are bound to happen. The carriage is a gorgeous blue and we will be taking it in to get its motorized steed checked out tomorrow as well as get its oil looked at. Pillows will be packed and games will be stashed. Music cd's are being burned and good travel incantations are being muttered.

Once we have arrived, tired, sleep deprived, and totally bonkers, there will be some catching up and then much partying with the fam. If I get a spare minute to upload pictures and blog while I'm there, I will. Believe it. 'Til this trip commences I have another whole day of sitting around getting ready. Sigh.

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bev said...

Awaiting your arrival with baited breath. Yes, been eating fish here.

Your room is cozy and warm and there is snow falling from the sky. Craziness! Pure Craziness!

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