Exactly Two Days Later...

Oh, I am so good. Look at me, the pro blogger posting new entry just two days after the last one! Lol

I was contemplating today all the things I really want to do in 2009 that I failed to do last year. I was lucky enough to conquer more territory in my travels around the U.S. last year with a trip to New York state. That means that I've been all over most of the mid west, eastern, and southern parts of the States with everything beyond the Rocky Mountains to the west to see now. Unfortunately, I did not get to see California last year like I wanted to, but I did get some great photos of the north eastern part of the country and will post those at some later date when they've all been fixed and categorized. But on to the things my little black heart desires for '09. 

Besides a new job, car and apartment that I mentioned in my last entry, I really would love to be able to purchase a bike this year. I see myself leaning more and more towards a greener way of life and really am jazzed about the physical benefits of riding a bike. 

I've also found myself missing my old partying lifestyle. While I have no desire to go back to the drunken, sexless nights of my first year here in Colorado, I really have no desire to lose touch with the local bar scene and hoppin', club nightlife. The faint smell of smoke in a bar full of rum, vodka and tequilas has hit me a few times in the last month and I really do miss it. It's a special feeling and I will be doing my best to reconnect with my inner Brian

I am looking forward to a more diverse job field this year too. I know this is flopping back to the "I want a new job for '09" thing I left in the last entry for a good reason, but as a Gemini the experience of a new working 
atmosphere has got me all giddy like a pre-pubescent schoolboy on glue. 

I am determined to accomplish some new feat in my knitting hobby pool this year and with the very exciting prospects of starting a new knitting group (OMG Kelly, another knitting group!) with some friends I'm sure I'll have plenty of opportunities to find that special thing. My goal is fewer scarves and more Anticraft! Lol

I say every year that I want to get in shape and look hot, blah blah blah, but it's one of those things you have to believe-it-when- you-see-it. I'll just leave it at that. No sense in even getting all nutso about it here and screwing it up later when I have failed utterly. Again! Actually it's just a good excuse to slip in a pic of a hot shirtless guy. Agh! My plan is foiled by my own inane babble!

I did some work with my coven last year, just basic classes, and I am getting very excited about starting back up again. It's all tied in with getting a job, of course, but I am in a very spiritual state of mind lately and want to get back into pagan action quickly. Personal studies have gotten me far in life, thus far, but a good teacher is to be prized and I feel a little balance, as I see it, is needed in my life. Nothing like resolving to take better control of you life!

I would also like to build some bridges with my family this year too. As estranged as they are, I have had them on the brain and feel that this could be a good year to do some repairs. I have no big expectations, but it would be nice to get a call from the 'rents from time to time. I may be expecting miracles but I do have a spark of hope. In the meanwhile, I have a great group of friends and adopted family that I am pretty fond of, so I'm good. Lol

This is a mass of unconnected paragraphs I have realized. Hopefully you all are coming back from time to time and managing to last all the way through these posts. If you are, you're insane. But I love you. If you don't and just skipped to the end accidentally, a pox be on you and your slimy spawn. 

And like a Gemini with A.D.D., I'm heading off to other shiny baubles! In the common streak of the week I bid you all a g'day and scream a hearty "for the love of Ganesh!" 'Cause we all love the elephant-headed god. 


bev said...

You can commend me now. Read all the way through to the end. Love the Ganesh pic. And, reconnecting with your inner Brian? Who is Brian? If it is your adopted brother, the drunken lout, it would be "Bryan". Hope you make it back east again soon. You could be learning to ski right now, which is what I have been doing for about an hour a day. Fun stuff and a good workout too! Love you and your schmecksiness. Yer adopted mom has spoken.

Strange said...

Lol, no, wrong Brian. The Brain I am talking about is my favorite character in the show "Queer As Folk." I love the whole idea of that character. I connect with him on weird levels. So while I love the drunken lout, he's not who I am referring to.

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