Thoughts on Gay Marriage

This is a letter that the daughter of a friend of mine wrote to another person expressing their view on gay marriage. When this friend of mine read it to a group of us, radiating an immense amount of pride at her daughter's well versed retort, I was also very impressed. This girl has a good head on her shoulders and I felt I had to share this with everyone else. In the light of such intense fighting on both sides of this issue and all the crap that you see at various political events (see picture), it's nice to hear someone argue their side so very well. The letter is used with the permission of all involved parties. Enjoy!

Having just opened the letter with a quick note on how she appreciated the person this letter is addressed to, she says-

... I just view it as not the place of the government to force the people of this country to believe or follow specific religions views on topics such as marriage. In this beautiful country of ours there is supposed to be a seperation of church and state. There are millions of people practicing many many different religions and it is not feasable for the government to make laws insisting people follow each and every one. This is the point of religious freedom in the US. So it is not the my place, or anyone's place to tell people what they should and should not believe or who they are or are not allowed to love and marry. Especially the government. 

And if it is decided that this religious belief is important enough to make laws based on then it should make laws on all aspects of it. On this Divine marriage belief then divorce, children out of wedlock, single parents, adoption, Vegas marriage chapels, adultery, tv shows featuring people competing for marriage and money payoffs and all other non-traditional marriage related actions should all be outlawed. It doesn't seem fair to single out sections of people to eliminate rights for while letting other people who are also not following the traditional marriage beliefs face no consequences. My fiancee is not Christian. In fact he practices Buddhism, not strictly but that is still what is printed on his dogtags. So ours is not a traditional marriage either. So should we lose our right to marry as well? Simply because he is a man and I am a woman it is allowed?

I feel since God creates all people. Then God must create gay people as well. By doing so then he is in a sense changing the definition of humanity. And then some other "rules" should be changed as well. I see God as an all accepting loving being. And I don't see him as the type to tell certain people that they do not have the same rights as others simply because they happen to fall in love with someone of the same sex. 

I just don't see it as my place, or anyones place, to eliminate millions of Americans rights to marry because they are different than I am. It won't affect my personal life, therefore it is not my place to say no it is not ok. At the end of the day, every single gay man and woman is still gay. Many are still in loving relationships. Still active members of their community. Still making this country great. Outlawing the benefits of their relationships doesn't make them hetrosexual. So who is it hurting to give them the same rights everyone else has?

I really didn't mean to start a debate on the topic, I'm just trying to explain my views on the matter so you have an understanding where I am coming from as well. There is just one question I have for you. If one of your children were homosexual would you not want them to be allowed to marry the person they loved?

Pretty well said. I, for my part, am cheering this girl on in any of her endeavors. 


Slither said...

A-FREAKING-MEN. I would like to meet this lady and give her a kiss. Very eloquently stated, valid points in her argument and a whole lot of passion.
This needs to be passed on..there are people who will never listen, or never change their minds..but this is a deeply touching letter!

Slither said...

Oh yeah..and another thing. I have been posessed by demons before intentionally and never ONCE did they make me want to have at it with the woman sitting next to me. Jaeger bombs will do that, but not demons for christ sake..get a clue dude.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your kind words about my letter. I'm glad that it affected you positively. It means a lot that you felt the need to share it with others. Thanks again for your nice comments! I wish you all my best!

(Kim's daughter)

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