Another Mondays@7 Meet

I think having this Mondays@7 thing every week really picks up the days for me. Mondays are no longer a drudgery or a day to stay inside. I want to be out, be working, or shopping, and building up all kinds of energy to throw at my work while ticking off the hours with my local "tangle." That's the term I've obsessively adopted when refering to a herd of knitters. Like it, you have no choice! *sinister laughter

Last Monday was a suprisingly more upbeat and exciting one. I didn't think that was possible with all the new blood we have. I think our three hours we spend there get shorter every week. There was talking, talking and more talking, as always. We decided to start implementing a weekly book review done by one of us each week on a knitting book from our favorites list. Valerie has volunteered to pounce on the first week and hopefully we'll have someone all over the next. With the ample supply of knit-craziness our group possesses, I'm sure it won't be hard to fill a few months. I for one am reserving the week in October after Debbie Stoller's Son of Stitch 'n Bitch rolls out in Barnes.

Thanks be to the knitting gods on behalf of all men out there!

Also, I'm exploring the idea of having a group page where those of us who check in on stuff or feel like contributing to a group blog can post, shout, or vent on our events abroad in the knitting world. I looked at Google Groups today since I'm not a huge fan of MSN or Yahoo!. If anyone has any ideas, this would be the blog to post them on. Or tell me next week. On Monday, at 7pm!
Next on my To-Do List: Blog about our Sock Contest Winner, change a few mechanics to the blog, and look for a brand new look for this thing.


bev said...

Now I am just getting a white page with typing on it. Are you messing around again?
Anyway, keep up the fun posts. I am glad your knitting group is going so well. Enjoy the undates.

Strange said...

Honestly, I have no clue what the dumb %#@&er is doing. I assume it's something with the original host for the images that make up my blog, but I dunno. My template is still there, just nothing shows up. I'll have to adjust it. Sigh. This wouldn't happen were I to build my own design and host it on my webspace.

PsychicKnitter said...

Greetings Strange! Loved your post about our group. I felt the energy too and yes the time just flew! Tangle is a cool name but herd? LOL LOL OK NOW, I am old and brainless BUT I will TRY to remember to bring my Magic decks Monday as I am itching to play!Hmm, or is it that I am allergic to the mohair? LOL I checked out the link for the tarot site and yes I love it too! Her art work is amazing!!!! Did you get to Spirit Wise? Cheers!

Strange said...

Haven't been yet, but I'm excited to go.

I'll be working tonight's meeting (much rage and anger) but I'll see everyone. Next week!

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