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Like what you see? Feel stimulated by what you read here? Fallen in love with the author?


Maybe you hate the look? Want to hear a wider range of topics? Or loathe the author's new profile pic?

Then leave a comment, blog readers! This is the place to tell me all about what you'd like to see in a blog such as this one. Constructive comments are always welcome, senseless comment violence will be dealt with by my good friends, the Blogger Mafia. If they exist. Seriously, give me a piece of your educated mind and I'll try to see where I can improve my iSpace. For the good of the reading public!

Go in peace, earthling.


Valerie said...

Nice looking, interesting, great links. In a word AWESOME!

Psychic Knitter said...

Check out my new blog! blogspot.com.psychicknitter

bev said...

Okay Sean - This is Mother talking...WTF is the Fauxhawk thing? You know your adopted dad would laugh and point. But, go ahead, live a little. Break those chains that bind you to your past and fly!!!!! How is that for a supportive parent?

Strange said...

That was amazing support! And the fauxhawk is superfantastic for attracting cute guys. I had guys checking me out right and left when I went to JR's, and even had to (get this!) turn one down! Well, the turning down wasn't so smart. He was interested and I was worried about leaving my friends in the dust. So I said later. Dumbdumbdumbdumb. Oh well.

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