New Religious Artifact and MenWhoKnit.com

Today I received a sacred relic. It was given to the first Google blogger, Moser, when he scaled Mt. Sitemap to receive sacred instruction for the migratory Nation of Bloggers. Here is the sacred .Gif he received.

In case you are having issues reading the sacred text, I have rewritten it for you, unabridged, below.

1. You shall have no other Blogs but me.

2. You shall migrate to the New Blogger for it is a land of milk and honey.

3. You shall not misuse the name of Google your God.

4. You shall upgrade to the new template to seek salvation for your blog.

5. You shall submit your blog to the search engines and ping them after every post.

6. You shall not delete a blog lest it be taken over by spammers.

7. You shall not copy-paste old blogger templates into the New Blogger layouts.

8. You must not steal content even though you may be "inspired" by it.

9. You must back up your template BEFORE and AFTER any changes to the template.

10. You must not be envious of your neighbor's blogs or his template.

Just a little something I found while browsing other blog help sites. Worth a good laugh, I do believe. I also spent all day on MenWhoKnit.com and even got my first blog entry off. I was initially kind of worried I'd be a lot out of the loop and maybe just chatting around with a bunch of odd people with no lives, like me, but all fears were banished when I got on and read a few of the newcomer's entries and read through some of the project ideas that these guys had going. So refreshing and totally inspiring! It's actually a "cool" community made up of some pretty diverse and interesting people. 'Twas most invigorating. I can't wait to jump on and start discussing new ideas to start on with these guys.

MenWhoKnit.com was the only major "all-guys" knitting community I found while online searching through Google. Maybe I just didn't spend enough time looking (I would think a good hour would be long enough), but there it sat, the sole guys-run, guys-oriented knitting community for, wait for it... guys! Guys, check it out, join it! Girls... sorry, I'm afraid you'll just have to check it out.

Also discovered on (ta-da) MenWhoKnit.com was this fantastic read about the connection between knitting and religion. Initially I thought I'd end up a little steamed (I'm so bad at being open minded sometimes) just because I assumed it'd be a little preachy, but I was rewarded for my adventurousness. YugiDean makes some very insightful points.

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PsychicKnitter said...

OMG! I read the article on the menwhoknit site and I loved it! What great points he makes and isn't it funny how we were talking aobut tqarot and such while w ewere knitting the other night! That book about Zen and Knitting sounds good too. The book I had mentioned the other night is called "At Knit's End", a humorous collection of her thoughts on knitting but it is very female :(

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