Template Poltergeists

So, many may wonder what the hell is going on with all the pretty stuff that used to make up my blog's template. I'll tell you. It's a poltergeist! Screwy thing just keeps messin' up my layouts. I believe most of this is in part a conspiracy of the Web Lords who own the webspace on which my layout dwelt. Polter decided to haunt there, and thus the resounding chaos. I since left the groovy layout to find its own way in the WWW and have stuck with a supplier closer to home. Until I have built a template in my own kingdom, I will just have to use the borrowed one from Lord Bloggertemplatebuilder. In short, if you see things goin' screwy, just sigh and pray for my soul. Who knows, I may end up possessed if Polter finds his way back.

There will be other changes soon. Enough that I really don't want to go into detail and will simply let you all know when we've hit the stable state. It may be a while...

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