Tuesday Night Success

Well, Tuesday was a hit. I think the total count was nine, though a couple people who showed up later on didn't knit. It would have been ten, but dearest Katherine was at home with bronchitis. We are more than okay with that absence! It would be an utter tragedy for us all to get flattened. But the newbie was missed. Next week.

Raechel was the only one close enough to finish anything last night, and managed to knock out a sock! Now on to the next...

Joanna was all over her first scarf and looks like she's got the hang of it. She went a long way from where she was last week. These pictures are from a coffee break she and I took to teach her the basics. I ended up learning stuff too! Like how I was knitting everything all wrong. Sigh.

Here are a couple pics from the middle of the action. Rae, Jason, and Kim, and then Valerie, Molly, and Joanna, of course. Quite a group. Conversation ranged to all topics including, but not limited to, work, family, the world domination of knitters, favorite music, utterly hated music, and so on. We even got some true stitchin' and bitchin' done! We are a resilient group it seems as we weathered everything from the anti-knitting harassment of Joe and Cassie in the Cafe, all the way to a few goof ups on our patterns. Jason seemed to be dominating that department (lol), but we all expressed some amount of dismay as we missed a stitch or purled in the wrong place or just plain screwed the hell up! I even learned how to make an I(diot) Cord, which apparently was so named because you really would have to be knitting like an idiot to make something that cool. Had a lot of fun with that one.

We all seemed to really have a blast and most of us seemed to want to do it again. So we've set the date for next Monday, August 13th. Same place, and again at seven pm. Hopefully we get another great turn out, though I am confident we'll have a roarin' good time whether it's two of us or as many as twenty.

See everybody there!


bev said...

Shawn, I wanna play too! Looks like a fun group. And, Rachel's sock is awesome! Great design!!! Fabulous knitting.

Strange said...

Yeah, I can't wait for tonight!!! I gotta get off this damn computer and go free up some needles for another newbie! More blogging tomorrow!

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