Summer's End, New ReStartings

Yes, I know it's not a word. It's a blog, for pete's sakes!

I have a lot to blog about today, and I don't know how much I'm gonna get out before I have to take off to new and exciting adventures here in the wild world of Littleton, CO. The library may close, but my day is not yet over! All sorts of new things to chat about; knitting, knitting group, thoughts about the end of summer, a new find on the WWW, etc.. But I should just start already.

I was walking over here today and it was a tad chill out with a nice breeze blowing through my styled and long-but-needing-to-be-cut hair as well as the trees, though I think my hair looked cooler than a bunch of half-turned, rustling leaves. Ah, such an ego booster. After my moment of shallowness, I noticed that, technically, Fall has already hit us and the Autumnal equinox is fast upon us with Mabon on the 21st of next month. Aaaaaaa! What happened to keeping track of the year? Climate-wise I think Summer is finally bidding us farewell as it trundles off to sleep. Here come the wood sprites and their crazy paint buckets full of all those warm browns, yellows, reds, and oranges. Craziness.

Last night was our knitting groups Monday meet, just like every week, and actually was a bit sparse due to school starting, boyfriends needing some lovin' time, errands, and a general pooped-outness. The Old Faithfuls were there with Molly, Jan and Valerie making up the posse. Molly made some progress, finished actually, on her sweater while Jan played with some gorgeous new purple yarn and Val stitched away on her wrap. I stopped over to the table for a lunch break and then went back to making drinks for the sleepy grouches who give us so much business at the coffee shop. Can't help but love them.

During lunch, I put an idea out to our girls about taking our group Barnes and Noble official, and they loved it. Easy. If you missed my last post, you can check out the pre proposal ideas I had here. In discussing plans and ideas for our proposal, we came out with the following ideas: we'd meet every week on Monday at 7pm; it would be open to everyone, men and women; we would discuss a minimum of one book per month with a project available and encouraged for everyone to mess with; we'd have reserved seating and full facility use as well as a spot on the events board and in the newsletter and website; and, as facilitator, I can give everyone a lot more access to books that they need, info on the group, a contact base in case of a problem, and the opportunity to pull in both local authors and touring ones as well. Can I just say "Yes!" I'm very excited. And that's putting it mildly. For me.

Besides all that craziness going on with the group, I have a few new things to cheer about myself. I went to my local knitting store, positioned, conveniently, down the street from my apartment last Saturday with some friends, and won a raffle! The only guy in the store won a knitting raffle. How awesome is that? What did I win, you ask? Three balls of alpaca/merino blend yarn in a harvesty orange color and the book The Knitting Goddess by Deborah Bergman! It's totally synchronistic as I had just ordered the book from Barnes. Ah, karma.

With that yarn I have started a fall scarf that is thick and chunky and is hordes of fun to knit up. This on top of my new hat project from a design given to me by Molly. It's done on my first set of circular needles and the yarn is a nylon/wool blend. Soft, but a bitch to knit with. It keeps splicing on me. Grrrrr. It'll be cozy when it's done. I don't remember if I tallied my scarf to finished or not, but the pink lovely is done. I hope to add a fringe to it, since four-year-olds love fringe. When that's done, I'll have a pic up for ya all.

I've got a couple other projects in the back of my head on a to-do shelf. They are a lovely halter from the Hollywood Knits book done in a black pima cotton yarn for my bff Ashley, and the tank I have a picture of below done in grey and black. My grey will be a shade darker, but basically the same. I say this shirt on Adam & Eve's website and said "I can knit that." So, I'm gonna.

Damn computer is telling me to get off. I swear, I could spend eight ours a day on this thing and not bat an eye. Damn regulators. *string of curses*


bev said...

Sean; Those last two posts were great! you are really getting the hang of this blogging thing. That, and your writing skills are being honed to a fine edge! The pictures you painted in my mind with the wood sprites and paint buckets had my chuckling. Great job!

Strange said...

Schweet! Thanks for the review. My goal is to turn this thing into something people will love to clock in and read just for the sheer pleasure. All of that without forcing them to careen around the bad english and screwy punctuation. And remember, as Mom you get to critique my stuff whenever. I'd actually prefer it, just so my style gets better and more readable.

And I loved the little tree sprites too. The picture just popped into my head while I was writing and I had to include it.

Strange said...

That was horrendous! I misspelled three words and I'm pretty sure I misspelled another. Damn!

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