Current Projects and Intended Projects

This is my table at home with the only two projects I have going right now all over it. That's also my stack of books over which I pour endlessly, soaking up all the cool designs and patterns I can't wait to try my hands on! On top is the Knitter's Handbook and it is my most recent and favorite addition to the pile. It's got everything I need know on stitches and the like and has already helped me figure out where I have screwed up on a few things.

That pink "thing" siting in front is the beginnings of a scarf (for whom, I'm a bit torn over) that has actually gotten quite a bit more done to it since this picture was taken. It's done in a mistake rib and alternates between two skeins of multicolored pink hued yarn. I've spent about four hours on it by now and figure it'll take another six or seven if I'm diligent and don't screw it up. The nice thing about this multicolored yarn is that I can screw up and even I don't notice until I start really looking for it. Sweeeeeeet! The yarn I'm using is Dark Horse Yarns' Fantasy, 50% nylon/ 50% acrylic blend. It feels incredible, so soft and light. I'm almost jealous of whoever ends up with this.

And in a pile behind it all is the Harry Potter scarf I started in July. It's so close to being done it's ridiculous that I don't just finish it! Soon, and then I shall photograph it in all it's glory!

As for future plans, I have a whole lineup of stuff I want to do for Christmas, most of it easy and fun, and also some socks, a black and grey striped scarf/hat/gloves combo for me, and something orange for Halloween, for me too, of course. Lol.

I love being able to make stuff specifically for me!

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