New Knitters

Okay, so I'm not going to blog every knitting group. (lol) Just the maiden voyage ones, which means I'll post... who knows!!!

Our group last night was small, but a lot of things came up for everyone, work being the biggest. Bernadette did show up and with goodies too! As she so eloquently quipped, anything to satisfy a sweet tooth! Josh, Joanna, and Kim all stopped by too, so our party was random but much fun. Next week we'll try for Katherine and Sunny. And maybe we'll actually get Josh to knit!


bev said...

Fun stuff. Enjoy your group. And keep those needles flying!

Valerie said...

YAY! Monday night was fun! Love your blog! See you Monday?

Strange said...

Thanks, and yes, next Monday the 20th. Same as usual!

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